I Don't Want to Feel Alone

... so I'm wriring my story.

I'm a 28 yo woman and I've been having migraines since I was 16 or 17. My mom said it was genetic, since she and her mother always had them around those days of the month. And they were nearly debilitating, just like mine. At around 19, she took me to do a CT (came up ok), check my eye pressure, sight, thyroid and whatnot... it was all clear. And yet I still struggle with it, once or twice every month, for a few days, for the past twelve years. During that time I developed a generalized anxiety disorder that made me even more concerned about the migraines. It didn't help that, every time someone I told about them, went: oh wow... you should look into that, get a CT, that's not good. Even though I had done it, and it came up clear, I'd start to panic and my anxiety worsened. No one I know has this. No one I know has ever had a migraine before, and it scares me to death. It's lonely.

Which is why I'm grateful for a site like this. It makes me feel like my migraines are not a sign of a ten-year growing tumor. Just something bothersome I have to live with.

Whoever read my story in its entirety... thank you. And I wish you all the strength in your own battle with migraine.

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