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I'll try to keep my story short and sweet. I am 42, I have been suffering from chronic migraines for almost two years now. I have done everything. I am not a very high stress person, I live in the day and let things go. The irony of my migraines is that I started getting them when I started to live really healthy. My kids had just gone back to school, I started going to the gym, trying to eat better, get to bed early, etc..etc... and with getting healthy came my migraines.

For the past two years I have gone to my PCP, a neurologist, a headache center, an acupuncturist, massages, an integrative medicine facility, my GYN and finally I just started seeing an osteopath.

I recently just started keeping track of my good days because they are so few it takes less time. My current pattern seems to be a 3 day migraine that starts in my neck. For the first 2 days I can take Imitrex/tramadol/fioricet to get through, usually the third day is 24 hours in bed. After that I get mild to moderate constant pain for 7-10 days that I try to get by with minimal meds (tramadol/fioricet). I may get a day, day 1/2 in between of relief then the cycle starts again.

I think it is hormonal, they all think I am too young to be having those kind of hormonal fluctuation that come with menopause?!?!?! Today is actually a good day and is the only reason that I am able to write this.

My biggest issue is that almost all the doctors that I see want to medicate me... I don't want to be medicated, I want to find out why the hell this is happening and what I can do about it, it is very frustrating. I feel like I must be paying for a crime in my former life!! The integrative medicine facility I am going to is treating me for yeast, which they believe I got an overgrowth of from all the antibiotics the doctors put me on when I first started getting these - they thought I had a sinus infection. They are also treating my thyroid - hypothyroidism - with the feeling that getting my thyroid on track may help the hormonal side of things.

My next avenue is going back to my GYN to see if I may have cysts or anything that could be causing hormonal fluctuations, then my next step after that is to go for a hysterectomy, I can't continue to live like this and to me the possible reward outweighs the risk.

I have a husband and four boys, 11, 9, 8 and 7... I know you are thinking that you now know why I get migraines... and of course I am busy etc... but I do take care of myself. I used to love life, now I just deal with it. I know that my husband and boys suffer from my mirgraines too, even thought I try to hard to not let it interfere... I don't like seeing my kids checking on me when I have one of those days that I can't get out of bed... making sure that Mom is OK, it BREAKS MY HEART!!!!

So that is my short and sweet story - yeah right - nothing short or sweet about it ;)

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