Drugged Up Teen

My home life was less than normal to begin with, but how do I tell my already stressed mother I can't see? Around my first menstruation I was away with a friend in the Georgia. Way out in the country. As country folk do, we had a huge breakfast with bacon, ham, sausage, sausage gravy and of course eggs and biscuits.

A few hours later I was seeing flashing lights. As I lay in a bedroom with a washcloth on my eyes, I heard it for the first time. "That child is on drugs! You know her momma so it wouldn't surprise me."

I was eleven years olds. I lay there crying because of embarrassment, but one adult did bring me BC powders 'Just I case she isn't hopped up on drugs'

Many migraines came and went in the next few years. In freshman year I started to get a huge aura. I went up to the teacher terrified, "I'm seeing flashing lights and feel like I'm going to throw up". Her reply was along the lines " Great, another drugged out student"

It was in front of all my friends, a few of which were not allowed to hang out with me after that.

The school nurse told me to get out and walk home. It was 92 degrees and I lived over a mile away. At one point I awoke to an adult nudging me with their toe, telling me to get my drunk butt home and out of their yard!

All the while the pain is starting. Pounding in my head like so many drums. Sure I was going to die ( had a friend die of an aneurysm the year before) I continued my trek home.

Thank God my mother didn't think I was on drugs, but she didn't go to the school either as she had her own health problems.

I dropped out shortly after this situation.

The funny thing is I didn't do drugs! Most of the friends that were not allowed to hang out with me were doing all sorts of chemicals that were popular in the 70's. because of my 'Death Illness' I never touched one. I was positive if I did my head would explode.

When I got my first job with health insurance I asked the doctor about my strange illness and how long did I have to live. It was the first time I heard the word Migraine!

He was kind and explained the disease. This man is my doctor to this day !

I wonder how many young people have gone through this in their lives with no one to help them through a very scary time.

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