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My Story

I began getting serious migraines when I turned 17. I had no idea what I was in for when I first went to the doctor. It has been nearly 14 long years that I have gone through so many different medications. My body has built up an immunity. I am still to this day on three different medications, and I still get 3-4 migraines (on average) a week. The pain is getting to the point where it is almost unbarable. Every time I go to the doctor/neurologist, they ask how the medications are helping. And when I tell them that I am still getting the migraines, they look at me like I am lying to them. I feel like I am a guinea pig for pharmaseutical companies. Every few months I go back, and they tell me the same thing over and over again. I wish there was an easier way for them to figure out how to subdue my migraines.

Lately, some migraines I get are so bad that I am in tears pleading with my husband to take me to the hospital. I have tried writing everything down and watching what I eat, and no matter how hard I try I still get them. My wish is that someday soon, a doctor will come up with a solution to help millions of people get control of their migraines. Until then, I keep living my life…..with migraines.

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  • Laurie Case Vincent
    8 years ago

    I am so sorry that you are suffering so much pain. I used to have 25 to 31 migraines each month. I take Lamactil (Lamotrigine), 3 tablets twice a day to prevent them. If you haven’t tried this medicine yet, you should ask too. I also take Verapimil. Now I only get 2 or 3 migraines per year. Good luck.

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago


    Are you seeing a headache specialist hon?

    Oftentimes, doctors consider a reduction of 50% in frequency or intensity as “successful treatment”. This is far from what we patients would consider a success. There is often this disconnect between doctors and their patients…

    Have you tried asking your doctor what he plans to change to help you get better? Have you tried asking him/her if this is all the success they expect for you? It may be time for a new doctor. See: Is it Time For a New Migraine Doctor?

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