Eating during a migraine attack

If you search the internet on 'migraine' and 'food' or 'eating,' you will find a plethora of information on foods not to eat to prevent migraines or foods to eat to prevent migraines. You will find virtually nothing on foods to eat DURING a migraine. I wonder if it's because the people that write these articles don't actually suffer from migraines?

It's all well and good to suggest a sweet potato, but when my head is hammering and my stomach is twisting I'm not taking the time to wash and cook a vegetable. In fact, I'm not concerned at all about my nutritional intake when I'm just trying to keep food from being vomited back up.

I'm currently working with a trainer who is having me keep a food journal - which I've also done for migraine triggers, not just calorie counting. When I mentioned the gluten free mac and cheese I ate and told her I had a migraine that day, she suggested I keep red potatoes on hand instead. Perfectly...reasonable...suggestion. BUT, when I've already spent the whole day being pummeled with pain, dizziness, fatigue, aura, nausea, and everything else, whatever I can think about eating, and not want to barf, is going to be dinner that night.

For me, the usual go to with my worst nausea is salty french fries and an unsweetened iced tea. If the migraine's really, really bad, I'll go for a diet coke.

What's your go to during a migraine attack?

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