Now I'm trying the 4mos Diet Elimination program

I have had migraines for 30years.

At first they were infrequent. Gradually increasing in pain and frequency over time.

I’d realize a new food trigger and take it out of my life.
-Red wine, then all wine, then all liquor.
-Aged cheeses.
-Strong weather changes - I live in the lightning capital of the world.
-Bright lights/Strobes
-Too much heat (thank goodness for air conditioning!)
-Strong smells (cigarette, perfume, chemical cleaners, etc.)
Soy – including soybean oil used in so many US restaurants. (I call ahead to see what vegetable oil a restaurant uses: olive, canola or soy. I keep searching for restaurants where the oil isn’t an issue.)

Even with this vigilance, I’m now getting 10-12 headaches a month. Yes, they stop with Imitrex taken asap, but I worry about what I’m doing to my kidneys. And there has to be a better solution than pills, right? So I don't want to try more meds, Botox, or such.

When I was working, it was all I could do to keep ahead of the pain and getting my 50+hr job done. Now that I'm retired, I can focus on getting my life back. I want to be pain free, but I don't want to destroy my body in the process.

So now I”m going to try Buchholz’s 4month diet elimination program via the book. From what I'm reading, it means eating a very limited diet for 4 months. He's been treating complex headaches/ migraines for 20yrs and has listed all the triggers from all his patients. The diet means not eating those items.

On the 4th month, I"m hoping my headaches will be gone. The gameplan is I introduce one trigger food per week back into your diet to see if it is really a trigger for me and get back a less restrictive diet.

The list of food eliminated is extensive but I'm ready to try this. I'm tired of poisoning my body.

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