Emergency Room Trip

The past couple of weeks have been really bad migraine wise. One night about three weeks ago my right foot went numb,then the rest of my leg went numb and the leg collapsed underneath me. I ended up in the er later because I kept falling. I couldn't control most of my right side,but mostly it was the right foot. I ended up falling hard and rolling that ankle. It made for a painful and scary week and a half. I can now control it most of the time. My GP thinks it may have been a stroke. At 34 years of age, that scares me a bit. I'm waiting to see to my Neurologist, to find out what really happened.

Then I got a screamer of a migraine. Much worse than anything I'd experienced recently. My home treatments didn't even slow it down. I also ended up losing 10 ponds in a week. And that never happens. I used one of my clinic treatments, which also did nothing. I had to return to the er. The NP on call refused to come to the hospital and evaluate me. The pain was so bad I was puking and crying. She ordered two separate shots of small doses of Zofran, so that I had to get stuck twice, and two extra strength Tylenol for my 101 degree fever. This treatment actually made me feel even worse, which I thought was impossible at that time.

I'd used my two clinic treatments for the week, and I had to endure the 10 plus pain and vomiting until Monday. By this time the migraine was basically untouchable. It took two more hospital trips to finally get it to break, and give me some relief. But, tonight made that seem not as bad. I got the same NP who wouldn't come in to see me at the er. She only saw me tonight because there was an emergency already at the hospital. I really wish she hadn't. I was crying and puking from the pain, and then she preceded to basically humiliate me. I've had chronic daily migraines and daily chronic headaches for fourteen years. She somehow knows more about migraines than me, and my migraine specialist. She flat out called me a drug seeking junkie to my face. It was absolutely horrifying, and embarrassing.

I have Oxy at home, that I only take twice a week for the worst migraines. I had already taken it, and it did not help the pain. I don't get a "high" from any medications. I don't need to go to the hospital for the "fun" of narcotics. Enormous, burning shots in the butt, and recently in my arms is not my idea of a good time. The treatment I wanted is a cocktail of Benadryl, Zofran, lidocaine, and Ativan through an IV. The narcotics hadn't worked, so why would I want them? She also told me I only wanted the Benadryl IV so that I get to have a euphoric high. I really don't experience anything except some small pain relief. I could not believe the things she was accusing me of. I have rarely ever felt the way she made me feel. I am also apparently a huge problem to both my clinic and my hospital. My actual GP has never said anything like that to me. He knows how much I suffer every single day.

I just couldn't believe she would say those things to me. I'm still crying and in pain as I type this. I just needed to get these awful feelings out. I also don't really know how to go about finding the right person to bring these incredible accusations to. Most doctors I've seen have kind of hinted at that I must be a drug seeker, but I never had one accuse me right to my face, when I was so desperately seeking understanding and help. I'm so angry, and so embarrassed. I know I have nothing to be ashamed of, because I am not a junkie, I have chronic migraine pain. She just didn't want or care enough to understand what I was going through. I'm curious if anyone else was made to feel this way when you were seeking help, not a "high". I hope that most of you haven't.

Thanks, I really needed to vent and talk about this.

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