My Miracle

Emgality!!! That is the miracle. I have had chronic migraines my entire life. The first one I remember was when I was 7 and on a girl scout camping trip. My head hurt so bad I had to go lay down in the tent on my cot for a few hours.

Relief from emgality

39 years later I have found relief. I'm am still in shock over how well this shot is working for me. I am on my second month and can't even describe the new life I have. I used to take up to 24 Imitrex pills a month and on my first month with Emgality, I only took 3. My migraines even feel different now. To be honest I'm not even sure I am having a migraine. It does not feel the same. I really think I could go without the Imitrex because the pain is not like a normal migraine.

I'm just afraid if I don't take a pill it will get very bad. I have never been this long without a migraine before. I have told everyone I can so maybe it will help someone else.

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