Empathy to all fellow Migraineures

I will be 72 in one day. In my 30 years dealing with this horrible sickness, I always had hope and optimism for my future. But now, I am seriously depressed and have lost so many activities, social life and even friends.

I was recently invited to the join/watch Migraine webinar summit online. I felt so disappointed I did not want to ruin it for all the newbies who have not done the research into this condition that I have. Since my headaches went from 1 a month to 2 a month for the first 15 years, I could work around it and live. Sort of. Then over the last 15 years they started ramping up to 2-3 really bad ones a week. Sorry folks, I do not wish to dampen your hope.

My Triptans have stopped working. So if I get a migraine it may slow down after 10 to 15 hours but keep some lingering reminders that it is not over. Like vertigo, weakness, bone and muscle pain, stomach upset and extreme fatigue and weakness. Swollen nostril and itching painful scalp and then it is back.

Yes, I have tried everything! Devices and all kinds of diets, elimination and otherwise, nothing has helped. But I do believe that there is a gut connection, but heck, I am not a Dr. I can't get my Doctors to help me other than the obvious. Giving up food that have tyramine and caffeine.

At this point in my life mediating is not keeping the sadness away. When I am down for 5 days in a row, I do not speak or email friends.

All they say, is there has to be hope.
There isn't!

At my age, I don't see waiting 5 years for the newest drug to be released and affordable to help me. How do you live or function in life in isolated constant pain?

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