Episodic to chronic to rare

As a child and youth I experienced IBS which settled down around age 30. I started getting episodic migraines when I was in my 30's. When I was in my 40's they became chronic. They were chronic until 3 years ago.

I tried everything over the years to manage them. I tried prophylactic meds, hormone therapy, massage, physical therapy of the neck, monitoring of foods as triggers, monitoring alcohol as a trigger, herbal therapy, acupuncture, monitoring of wheat intake as a possible trigger, more exercise, less exercise, more sleep, less sleep, supplements of recommended vitamins and OTC products. The Tryptans worked to manage sometimes but were very expensive and had side effects (also insurance limited the quantity per month).

Accupuncture helped but only if I had it 4X a week which I couldn't afford. Massage also helped but I couldn't afford it 4X or more a week.

I had tests, MRI etc. and any medical cause was ruled out. Several neurologists concurred that the stress I was carrying in my neck and shoulders was not helping.
I insisted that I wasn't stressed and that was not the cause. For some reason I was offended that stress was identified as the cause. There were times I wished I would get a medical diagnosis so maybe it would be something that could be treated and cured, unlike the migraines.

Three years ago I worked with someone that helped me to realize how I actually was creating my own stress by how I was being in my life. I made changes in how I showed up in my life--I started to be more authentic which was healing for me. As crazy as it sounds, after that realization and shift in my thinking and behavior (and no other changes medically, treatments etc) I no longer suffer with chronic migraines. I have an occasional migraine-less than one every 3 months. This change occurred for me within a day of this realization and shift in my awareness.
I offer the story to say that there is hope. I hope others will find what is helpful to them. Migraines are no fun. They served a purpose in my life by bringing things to my awareness that I needed to shift to live a better life.

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