Have you ever been to the grocery store, bank, restaurant or doctor office and you can tell they are training some one new? Don't get me wrong, we all start some where however I'm tired of being used as a guinea pig. I suffer a vast majority of my days in pain and now I have to watch you poke my arms an undetermined amount of times. I can't wait for the look on people's faces when they hear I ONLY HAVE MIGRAINES,let alone some of the doctors that think your a junkie. I'm trying to hold down a job in more pain then most people would believe. But it gets harder and harder, once I get tired my body just shuts down (migraines are more then just the throbbing pain you see on the surface). I can not nor do I want to walk in anyone else's shoes but please don't judge a migraineures life unless you've lived it. Your comments and facial expressions say more about you then me.

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