Hello everyone.

I have had migraines for awhile and I am pretty good at handling them. I am not sure what that triggers are for them so i started to journal them more.

I get a migraine about once a month. Usaully in the beggining of the month. So about a year into having regular migraines, I started to take Excedrin Migraine. It worked okay but never did it work perfectly. My head wouldn't hurt as much but it would still be painful and I would have to go home from school or stop what ever activity I was doing at the time.

So anyways, I was just on a trip to Hawaii with my school and on the last day I got a migraine while we are at the grocery store. I had Excedrin in the van but it was too far for me to walk and get. I decided to just buy NEW Excedrin pills and water to take the pill. After the aura went away my did hurt one but. After a few minutes I forgot I even had a migraine.

Does anyone know anything why Excedrin works better for me now? Was it because it was a new bottle of pills so it was fresh? Is it because I'm older so it works better? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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