My Experience With Cefaly

I am a migraine sufferer for many many years. I’ve tried a host of medications, The one that gives me the most relief is Relpax. However my doctor told me not to take more than three tablets per week, I’ve been averaging between 10 to 13 migraines a month. I read about the Cefaly device,
I was very very excited to try it so I purchased it. My first-time use was a really painful experience, I just wanted to rip the device off of my forehead. I must say it was pretty excruciating pain, however, I lasted the 20 minutes. I did my daily 20 minutes preventative Cefaly use for close to eight weeks. I even used it as they recommended for an hour during a migraine. Disappointingly the Cefaly didn’t work for me, so I returned it. Back to the pills‼️


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