My Migraine Story

I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, although I'm sure I was having migraines long before and just treated as sinus infections and allergies. After taking too much medication for the wrong ailments, I think the first problem I had was a rebound headache. My "first" migraine lasted about a month and a half until the pain stopped. My doctor tried many different types of medicines but couldn't figure it out. Then, someone I worked with suggested a neurologist who was able to come up with the correct medication within a few months and the pain finally stopped.

After reading stories, researching and educating myself about migraines, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. My main cause is from arthritis in my neck, but I also have many food allergies and weather triggers. I'm able to control the pain on a fairly regular basis and at this time, it's normal for me to live with the adjustments I've had to make in my life, but I feel the migraines have ruined my life. I'm close to 50 now and I had gone back to school, hoping to get my degree. Because my medication makes me so tired, I can't take night classes any longer. I tried online classes, but they don't work for me. I also have gained 40 lbs and can't do too much physical exercise, although I do some to try to keep from gaining more. I have to go to bed at an early hour during the week so I am awake enough to work in the morning and just don't have much of a life at all. My close friends understand, but anyone new just doesn't understand and think I'm either making things up, exaggerating or just don't want to join in their social events.

The pain of the migraine is so overwhelming, although it's really depressing, it's worth it to stay pain free. I just wish it had an expiration date :)

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