Wrong Place to Be For Me

My "well-meaning" younger brother put me in a nursing facility 2 years ago and has thrown away the key. He seems to think that due to my debilitating migraines I got addicted to pain meds. Little does he know or have a clue as to what migraine can do. And due to the fact that I sought help, I was only trying to feed "my habit". He's made it known of his feelings, false as they may be and now I can't see my neuro and have to deal with a wet-behind-the-eared kid who calls himself a doctor who's just as clueless as my younger brother.

Finding qualified help

The "doctor" has taken away any help that I may need with the exception of my Aimovig. Thank God for that small miracle but when I do get one of my headaches he'll prescribe Tylenol Regular. There's no relief from that and trying to get qualified help is next to impossible. GPs have no clue as to what migraine's all about, the ins and outs of treatment, let alone the triggers.

Don't think I haven't thought of screaming but when I've got one of my killer HAs screaming makes it worse. Here's hoping you have better luck with your family, GP, and anybody else who doesn't believe.

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