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Feel Like I Am In Prison

I first started getting migraines when I was approximately 5 years old, part of my inheritance I guess since my mother and her sister have them and their mother had them. To begin with I only had a migraine a couple times per week accompanied by severe Nausea.

As I got older my migraines increased not only in number but in severity, by mid high school I was missing 30 to 50 days of school per year and was nearly held back because of days missed. I managed to fight and claw my way through school and started to work for my fathers company which with my migraines being 3 to 4 days per week was really my only option. By this point in life I had already tried every over the counter drug made and had already been to many doctors who either dismissed me outright or tried me on a number of different meds to try to stave off future headaches. This was also about the time I started taking opioids on a regular basis.

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By the time I was 25 or so give or take a year or 2 I was landing in the hospital ER about once every week and a half on average to get a shot of Demerol which worked for a while then it was on to Morphine. This is how it remained for about 5 years, and during those 5 years my life away from my house started to diminish. During this time span I was going to several different specialists in several different fields, and they tried every preventative medication that they could think of which included anything for blood pressure, seizures, beta blockers, muscle relaxants, and a few that were actually made for migraines.

I am now 40 and my life has been put entirely on hold for the last 15 years I leave home only several times per year at this point. These rare trips are only for doctors appointments at a pain specialist and I also go to MAYO clinic in Rochester. I currently take one of the following Zomig, Maxalt, Relpax, Amerge with 500 mg of Naproxen and Promethazine for the pain, which means every day. I am also on a blood pressure med to try to stop the throbbing Lamictal for depression Clonazapam for anxiety Omeprazole for my poor stomach and Vitamin D3 to help with lack of sun. I now have migraines all but 5 or so days per year, and as you can imagine am on disability. I simply have no idea what to do I have no hope left in me. All of my dreams of having a family college etc are slipping away since I am completely unable to leave the house. I can't really come to grips with it. Any suggestions would be most appreciated, and sorry for the terrible grammar and spelling my brain is currently in a state of mush.

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