Feeling Better

Hi, fellow migraine sufferers!

I have been a sufferer for well over 40 years. In the early years, back in the dark ages, I would take 2 aspirin and a cup or more of coffee. Then it was ergots, awful stuff, then Fioricet.

Countless treatments and doctors

When they started to invent new meds I tried them all. Some would for a while, then stop. The triptans also worked for a while, but I never had enough, so I suffered daily, becoming chronic.

I saw countless migraine specialists in many states. Tried every device without results. Needless to say, I was more than frustrated, spending way too much time in my dark room.

My family burden

At the same time, I was advocating and planning for my special needs son, migraine or not. My older, adopted son blamed everything on having a special needs brother. Meanwhile, he was getting plenty of attention himself. I also advocated for him as he had his own issues.

I never thought the dark cloud would move.

Could it be...

Then recently, I was sorting through my younger son's meds, as we had tried many for his dystonia pain. I had a blaring migraine and noticed gabapentin. Being a nurse, I was familiar with the meds, I tried one, and I noticed some improvement.

Fast forward to today, after discussing the med with my neurologist, I started on it. It is not an easy one to be on with many side effects. But over time, the side effects are fading and I rarely have a migraine. I feel like a miracle has happened.

I never thought I would write feeling better under, how are you feeling, but I did today, for the first time!

I pray you all find your miracles.

- Linda

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