Feeling Crazy

I had my first migraine when I was 11. I remember seeing a spinning ball in front of me. I kept trying to grab at it. I thought it was so funny and I told my mom. She told me to go to sleep right away.

I thought she was crazy. That was, until the pain hit. I was sitting in the dark with my stomach rolling and thinking my head was going to split open.

Since that time, I have had migraines off and on. I average about one a month. I learned to fall asleep immediately to get away from the pain. But after I had kids, I had to be awake to take care of them. So, I finally went to the doctor. I was told once a month migraines were not serious enough to be on any daily medicine. Excuse me???? Doesn't he realize how much this is affecting me????

To have a job, I have to be there. Most employers will not tolerate an employee missing one day a month for a migraine. And a majority also do not really understand a migraine is not some simple headache.

He put me on Imitrex which makes me throw up and I can't drive because I am so dizzy. But at least the pain in manageable.

So here I sit. Unable to keep a job because my migraines are not bad enough to need daily meds or to be considered disabled, but they are bad enough for me to know what real pain means.

Hopefully, some solution will come soon.

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