Feeling discouraged...

Hello migraine.com folks,

I'm having a rough day and could use some understanding. My migraines have been getting worse lately - have had multiple day long migraines recently - but the pain has stayed low enough for me to still do most things.

Today I woke up with a much worse migraine and ended up having to stay home from work and cancel my plans for the evening. The pain has subsided but I'm so fatigued and foggy that I just can't must energy to do very much.

This isn't the worst attack I've ever had AND I know many people have it far worse than I do but I'm feeling really discouraged today. It's been 15 years of these things and I know it will be decades more. Medications work then stop and I feel like I'm starting the cycle of trial and error again.

I feel so guilty for missing social activities and work and I'm so tired of constantly having to be vigilant about what I drink and eat and all of that. I know it will pass but right now I'm feeling really sad and discouraged.

Thanks for listening!

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