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Feeling discouraged…

Hello folks,

I’m having a rough day and could use some understanding. My migraines have been getting worse lately – have had multiple day long migraines recently – but the pain has stayed low enough for me to still do most things.

Today I woke up with a much worse migraine and ended up having to stay home from work and cancel my plans for the evening. The pain has subsided but I’m so fatigued and foggy that I just can’t must energy to do very much.

This isn’t the worst attack I’ve ever had AND I know many people have it far worse than I do but I’m feeling really discouraged today. It’s been 15 years of these things and I know it will be decades more. Medications work then stop and I feel like I’m starting the cycle of trial and error again.

I feel so guilty for missing social activities and work and I’m so tired of constantly having to be vigilant about what I drink and eat and all of that. I know it will pass but right now I’m feeling really sad and discouraged.

Thanks for listening!

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  • mz36vj
    2 years ago

    Sleep, sleep. Sleep and wheat bags heated in the microwave on my head for 72 hours if the Imigran didn’t work.

  • mz36vj
    2 years ago

    I saw everyone and the only thing that works for me is Imigran but you have to take it alright on onset. Don’t let the doctors etc take over your life. Take control as there is only so much they know and can do and we are all different. Trial and error. Sports massage very often if I can get in fixes me. Find one you like and see. Not for hormonal ones though at period time. Nothing stopped those for me. Hope this helps.

  • mz36vj
    2 years ago

    Hi there, Yes some days can be very discouraging but when not with a migraine, life is always good. I make sure I enjoy the things that I love especially, like nature, walking and family and work. I do wish that some of us could give each other real hugs because that’s what we need and the understanding of fellow solo pain managers let alone all the other associated symptoms. When someone offers me Paracetamol for for what I know is about to be four days of devastation and I’m trying to rush off it is hard not to feel misunderstood but after more than forty years of migraine I know I have to get through it alone including the messy house at the end. I went out today feeling great after 3 days totally incapacitated and two in migraine hangover. It is a hard thing to deal with but always remember unlike many things that it is temporary and otherwise I am very healthy. Yes I do think that amazingly. Hope you are back. Hugs. :):)
    PS Funny, one of the hardest things people find relating to my migraine now is that I can’t drink and… they get the hangover for pleasure. How ironic.

  • lupita27ja
    2 years ago

    Hi i feel you, please keep going even if it is a hard time i give you a hug in the distance. It’s okay to let your stress out like you are doing it right now, let that flow and get free of the pain and trouble that it cause to you, even in bad i wish you better days even if it’s kist one i wish you a memorable better day without pain.
    Pain is something that us learn hard to live with it, even if anxiety or depression put more weight on us we would stand and take that and make it a weapon to go on, to live on. I hope better days for that and less pain in the hearts too.

  • Livelovelaugh
    2 years ago

    It has been a horrible day for me, in fact a bad week. A lot of pain, a lot of meds, anxiety, and some depression. I quit my pain doctor this week because I am the same that I was when I started him in April. It seems all they wanted to do is do steroid injections that gave me minimal relief about 3 weeks. No other suggestions. My family doctor took over my pain meds of ultrum, imitrex, phenergan, and Torodol on emergency basis only. Also taking Klonopin.5 around 5:30 go anxiety that starts in every day. I literally feel like I have been left out here to suffer all on my own. I have been to several neurologists who have tried me on many many preventatives that causes me too many side effects. I really am desperate for some help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • kmaxwell2
    2 years ago

    Hi Livelovelaugh
    So sorry to hear your story. I have been on lots of preventative meds as have had chronic migraine for the last 15 years. Last month after a headache whilst on holiday that lasted 12 days I tried meditation and anti tension Neck and head exercises in desperation. I was Very sceptical but have been pain free for 3 weeks with no prodrome symptoms- why not google white light meditation and try it? Twice a day … good luck Kerry

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi there @Livelovelaugh, I am so sorry to hear how difficult things have been for you. Know you are absolutely NOT alone in feeling this way and I know it may seem like you have tried everything, but try not to give up hope for better days! This is a course a sentiment shared by so many in our community and I did have a few resources I wanted to share with you.

    I know you mention having seen many neurologists, but are their any board-certified headache & migraine specialists that can be considered if you have not already done so? I know I have already shares so many articles with you, but here is one final one which discusses this topic –

    Know we are always here for support and to lend an ear. Take good care, Joanna ( Team)

  • litoria76
    2 years ago

    I know how you feel. I’m waiting for SSDI to schedule a hearing (18-22 months wait) and am not able to work due to chronic migraine. I just spent the past week in bed with a migraine that wouldn’t quit. I feel guilty because i can’t work or support myself. I suffered from severe depression, PTSD, bipolar, and anxiety even before the chronic daily migraine so things have gotten worse especially since I can’t plan appointments with a therapist since most have fees and limitations on late cancels. I’m one of those who wakes up with migraine. I have to hope things will get better someday…

  • Halliesuffers
    2 years ago

    I know the feeling all to well. I have them just about everyday. They might go away for a little while but end up coming back.They have took over my life ! I have been to 5 nurolagiist and been on so many different meds. Just wish I could find something that really works for the pain !

  • Pamie123
    2 years ago

    You are not alone. Thank you for sharing as I also am also tired and discouraged with this constant pain and worry. Seems no matter what I do to fight the battle of my migraines- they always win. They are relentless –

  • Ellifane
    2 years ago

    I know how you feel and I know how sucky it can be. I allow myself no more than 2 days a month to throw myself a pity party and then it’s back at it. 😉 You are always welcome to use me as a guest at your pity party and I’ll listen to ya any time you need. Just remember one thing, you are strong and you are awesome…even if you don’t feel like it.

  • Susanmees author
    2 years ago

    @Elliefane – I like that strategy. I tried to remain optimistic and hopeful but it really crushed me the day I wrote this story. I’m extremely lucky to have a really great support network with my husband, family, friends, and even coworkers but sometimes it can still be isolating. Thank you for taking the time to comment. =)

  • katiejo5678
    2 years ago

    It is hard when those hopeless feeling kick in. I try to talk to myself as I would a friend. Love yourself, be compassionate, even if no one gets it and you feel guilty, know that you do the best you can with the hand you were dealt. Hold onto that feeling because ultimately you know better than anyone what is happening. I think it’s important to rely on and faith in your friends to understand but when they don’t, be your own best friend and remember you don’t have to justify anything to anyone. the more guilt you let go of, the more effective you will be when your have moments of painlessness. Stay strong, best wishes for you!

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