Feeling Half Human Again

I injected My “Loading Dose” of Emgality on 28 August 2019. Since I’ve been through the new medication thing many times, I wasn’t expecting anything for at least 2 weeks.

1 September was the first day in a solid year that I haven’t had, what I call a spiking attack which includes jerking, shakes, nausea, the feeling my eye is being plucked from my head. Gotta be a fluke. Y’all know why, but I will take a fluke any day.

2 September, when I awoke, I felt like I had went 10 rounds with a pro boxer. Felt like I was sea sick and still on the boat. Hands, arms, legs and feet felt like I had wrestled a roll of barb wire and 5 cactus. Took normal daily medication which includes Baclofen. Went back to sleep or something. When I woke about 3 hours later the fluke was back. So far this has been my daily experiences. The great thing is the fluke is lasting the remainder of the day

26 September is next injection date. Then every 28 days. Also l am tapering off the Baclofen. Neurologist believes that if can not to use both.

As Long as I’m able to sleep off what I’m calling my “headache hangover” off daily, I surely can tough out hours worth of agony for the rest of the day feeling half human again.

I will do my best to keep my new family up to date.


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