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Feeling so helpless with migraines

I started having headaches since I was about 17 years old, headaches would come occasionally but were very strong. Time passed by and it started getting more frequent. After the birth of my daughter I started to have one sided headache, it could be on the left or on the right. Now I am 37 yrs and I have migraines almost every week for one or two days. I feel my life has become such a hell because I can not live normally like everyone else does. I get irritated, confused and fight on small issues. I can’t take care of my family and kids properly. I have taken many medicines, done many tests only to find that its cause is not discovered. Almost 20 years of punishment. I wish that one day I wake up and see that all this is a nightmare and I am fit and fine like people of my surrounding.

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  • Not-Again
    2 years ago

    Shee – your story is a very common one in this community at We all go through the, ‘this will pass’, to the ‘why won’t it go away’, to ‘trying everything’, to ‘this sucks, why is this my life’. My hope for you is that you will stop beating yourself up for having migraines. We know you did not ask for them. None of us did. I also hope you will stop comparing your life with the lives of others who don’t have migraine or have fewer migraines. Comparing our lives is a sure-fire way to depression and a battle that can’t be won. I had a great weekend – barely any migraine pain at all, then here I am at work on Monday and my head feels like it is going to pop right off and I’m counting the minutes until my doctor appointment later this afternoon. I’ve learned from this community the practice of being in the now – which eliminates ruminating on the yucky past and stops me from worrying what tomorrow will bring. All I have to do right now is keep breathing, slowly!, to calm my body and migraine down. Just know you are not alone and be encouraged to let yourself just “be”, not “do” and maybe that will take some of the stress away. Best of luck and good wishes!

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