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I am 41 years old and have had migraines since the age of 5. Problem was that back then not many people believed someone so young could have migraines.

Also there really wasn't much choice in medication or treatment. Unfortunately, I had the type of migraines that also included vomiting and auras almost every time. All i could do was lay in a dark bedroom and wait to throw up.

My Mom was always by my side. She too is a migraine sufferer, along with her sister and father. My teachers never believed me when I told them I felt a migraine coming on and would have me put my head down on the desk while class went on around me. Not until I would get so bad as to be crying and then usually vomiting would they allow me to go to the office to call my Mom. It was a horrible experience every time. As I grew up this went on.

Doctors finally agree after testing, yes I did have migraines and they prescribed Cafergot which really didn't help much. So the same scenario continued: aura, nausea, migraine then finally vomiting. This went on for years until in 1993 I found a doctor who gave me Imitrex injections. This was my miracle! I am adult working a good job still having migraines but getting the same ignorant treatment from my boss who claimed migraines are only bad headaches and I shouldn't miss even one day "just because you have a headache". So here I was in the same situation of not being believed I have migraines again. Migraines have robbed me of so much in my life from early on. It is a constant battle. Just last year I discovered a headache clinic in Chicago and have finally felt like my migraines have been validated.

It has been so long trying to "prove" to the world just what migraines can do to a person. Only close friends and family have ever been supportive. I really wish the internet had been around with all of this information from sites like this and wonderful resources at our finger tips. I am finally getting help with the right medication and minerals. My migraines no longer control me now I manage them and am living my life.

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