Where do I begin?

Hello all,

I was recently last winter diagnosed with vestibular migraine. The PA I was referred to was insistent I trial a medication despite it being one that was a no no for someone with a mast cell disorder. I tried it and failed miserably with side affects that were intolerable. After she prescribed yet another on the no list I decided to not return to her. Recent migraine episode reminded me of its presence and that I have still yet to discover what will help me with it.

Should I look for a migraine specialist? I do have an appointment this month with psych NP that is known for prescribing for those who have depression along with other health conditions. A friend I met online from my state recommended her so will see how it goes.

Meanwhile I am wearing sunglasses inside the house and my head is full of questions about how many of the symptoms I experience are attributed to the evil and mean migraine.
How does a person know where to start as a place to go for help? I find myself with a mixed up brain that has a hard time organizing my thoughts let alone making a decision. Always have this fear that episodes will become permanent.

Thanks for listening!

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