Finding My Way With Chronic Migraines

I'm 27 years old and I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Migraine.

I'd never had a migraine before and all of a sudden I began a three month stint of continuous head aches and migraines. I lost my job and lost all hope. On one occasion my migraine was so bad that we had to call an ambulance and I was admitted into hospital.

Initially I was prescribed codeine for my headaches and then later tramadol, which I'm sure other migraine sufferers will agree was a big mistake. These drugs made my headaches much worse and finally I was offered Sumatriptan which seemed like a life saver. Coming off the codeine and the tramadol has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do and I know that many others struggle with this. But I did it! It took many weeks but it is possible!

After 3 months in bed I regained control and managed to get my life back on track. I got a new job and used sumatriptan to nip my migraines in the bud.

However, a few months later and it seems to be starting all over again. I'm getting a head ache everyday, it feels like I have an elastic band around my head. It becomes much worse in the afternoons and I have further gastro complications. I'm struggling to work again and fear that I may lose my job again. I don't know which drugs to take as there are so many conflicting opinions on which drugs cause re-bound headaches when taken regularly. I take sumatriptan almost everyday but my GP is hesitant to prescribe me more. The glands in my throat also seem enlarge with my headaches and I feel nauseous pretty much all day.

I want this to be a story where I was diagnosed with chronic migraine and managed to beat it against all odds, but unfortunately it seems to be beating me.

I'm extremely driven and ambitious and lying in bed, missing out and falling behind is something I find incredibly difficult to cope with. If anyone shares a similar story to me I would be so pleased to hear how they are managing this condition and continuing to work.

I don't know if all of my symptoms are down to Chronic Migraine or even if that's the correct diagnosis. I've seen so many doctors I'm now at a loss. But I won't give up.

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