Migraines, You're Fired!

I recently lost my job. My former employer would never say it, but it was in large part due to my chronic migraine. In all fairness, I was pretty miserable at my job. I loved what I did, but the constant strain of trying to perform at work while having near-constant migraines was taking its toll.

Fired from my job

I will never forget the day that my boss called me into their office and told me I was fired. After the initial shock wore off, I felt a plethora of emotions. I felt relief, sadness, and anger (to name a few).


Luckily, my husband got a job right before I lost mine, so we still had income and insurance. I was relieved because, as I mentioned above, the strain of working with chronic migraine was excruciating. I finally had a chance to take care of my health and take stock of what I wanted. However, the relief did not outweigh the pain.

Feeling disregarded

As I thought about it, I got angrier. When I got fired, I was in the midst of applying for reasonable accommodations. I had all the paperwork filled out and everything. I gave my best effort to make it work, and my employer didn’t. It felt like I was not a human who was struggling with chronic migraine, but rather, a tool that could be discarded when I was no longer useful.

My employer could fire me, and never have to deal with my chronic migraine again; but I, for better or for worse, am stuck with my migraines. I don’t have the luxury of “firing” my migraines. Chronic migraine is part of my reality.

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