The very first memory of a headache was when I was 3 or so. I remember getting out of my bed, and going into the kitchen where my Dad was baking a chocolate cake. He gave me a bottle with some apple juice in it and an aspirin. It didn't occur to anyone I was having migraines at such a young age.

Over the years I have lived with soooooooo much pain, that when I have to have blood drawn, I don't even feel the prick. I am 53 now. Most people don't realize that migraine sufferers have an extremely high chance of developing fibromyalgia. Many of the meds are addictive, but the best one I ever took was Maxalt, a meltaway tab that is nonnarcotic. I have auras, the nausea, lights, smells, sounds, and visuals like occlusions. I have lost my sense of smell, and I can't remember the last time my head didn't hurt:( For everybody who suffers like me, I am soooooo sorry it is an awful thing to have to live with. I strongly suggest prayer. Remember, Jesus is the great physician :)+++

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