First Timer

First a bit of background: I have suffered from headaches for years and years, and am no stranger to them. Since I was 14, tension headaches have placed a familiar band of pressure around my temples that rarely eases. It has become a way of life, and I have endured a battery of neurological tests to no avail. Alright, shrug and move on, I can live with it, and the pain is so familiar that I commonly forget that I hurt.

Two days ago, the playing field got changed on me. I was out on a wedding appointment with my fiance, enjoying myself, when I noticed that my vision was failing. When I closed my eyes, I got red after-images like I had been staring at the sun (not unusual, I have experience this before). They got worse... and worse... and then my right eye was useless. My left has strange heat shimmer movement blocking most of it. Needless to say, I was a bit concerned, and requested my fiance drive me home.

This turned into a harrowing ride, as I was hit with a wall of gut-wrenching nausea. I spent most of my time concentrating on not tossing my cookies on my poor fiance's car floor.

When I got home, the pain hit like some angry god was squeezing my brain in his hand. Disoriented, scared, and too nauseaous to do anything than slump by my toilet, I spent the next 4 hours going in and out of conciousness from pain. Crying or feeling sorry for myself didn't even occur to me, i was so disoriented.

Now two days later, I am still foggy, light sensitive, and my stomach hasn't forgiven me yet. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, but I'm not certain what can really be done at this point, except wait for another attack to happen to see if it's a pattern. At the very least, I may plead my case for medicine to knock me unconcious if it does happen again.

I guess I get to join a new club now, at least I know the secret handshake.

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