Flu started my migraines

In December 2012 I had the worst case of flu that I ever had in my life. I really thought I would not live through it. I had never had a migraine in my life, ever. I was 51 years old. Six weeks after the acute phase of the flu I began having skull-splitting migraines and seizures. I went through all of the usual tests with my neurologist -- MRI, EEG, epilepsy center at a major university hospital, etc. All came back normal. All of my other doctors and I were convinced that the flu had turned on a gene that started the migraine and seizure activity. Two years ago I also started with essential tremors. I now know that I have hemiplegic migraine with speech aphasia.

My family is very familiar with my care regimen and I have tried to make friends at church, work, etc. familiar with what to do if I have an emergency and where my medicine is. It is really important to talk to people about what you have ahead of time so that when you start speaking gibberish and start to fall they know what to do and don't call the ambulance! My husband has literally had to fight off the paramedics and so has my young son to keep them from taking me to the hospital. If I went to the ER every time I had an attack we'd be dead broke. At certain times of the year I have 3 attacks per week and my medicine seems to do no good. I often spend 14-16 hours in the bed after an attack. I would like to hear from others who suffer from hemiplegic migraine, especially if you are still working. Thanks.

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