Migraine for life

I got my first migraine when I was 13. It came when I started my menses. Back then we really didn't know as much about migraines. It was just a headache. When I was about 20 the doctors put me on Fiorinol for the pain which helped with the pain of course but not much else. I was diagnosed with migraines without auras but I have on occasion had them. At around 23 I finally got on Imitrex. It worked for several years but then the dose kept having to be increased to its max. At that level it made me vomit. I've been on several others since. I had headaches about 15 times a month that lasted a couple days so basically fell ill all the time. Finally at age 44 I got approved for Botox. What a difference it made. I only have about 4 headaches a month. The Botox does not seem to take away the menstrual migraines. I was so relieved. Then recently I just lost my job which meant my insurance also. No more Botox. I'm so upset. It's back to some of the meds but even those are expensive for me now. Does anyone know of some homeopathic remedies that they have had success with? Any input would be helpful. Thanks. Caren

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