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Forever Migraines

I am a female, 64 years old and have been suffering with migraines since I was in my early 20’s, if you can believe that. In all these years, I think the longest amount of time I have gone headache free was maybe 3 weeks, but it is hard to remember. Lately, and I do mean the last 7 years, give or take, if I go 3 days without one I consider myself lucky. As you can imagine, I have tried most meds and therapies and treatments and doctors and tests and not any help. I do have other health issues with my body, such as OA and Scoliosis, metal rods, and a pretty severe cervical spine which I know does not help the issue.

Anyway , that is it in one big nutshell. My biggest wish would be to be like a lot of people who don’t get headaches or like my husband who “never had one”. If that isn’t irony, what is? Have a very Happy 4th of July. Everyone is at our community pool but not me because I have a headache.

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  • Carolelaine
    2 years ago

    I can believe it! I have had migraines since I was 11, I’m almost 62. I’ve lost friends, jobs and at for a long while my sense of self. I am very fortunate that my husband of 29 years is so understanding and supportive. I also suffer from major depression and anxiety, and spend a lot of my time helping my disabled daughter. No medication that I have taken helps the only thing that helps minimize them is bi-weekly (sometimes weekly) massage.

    I’m tired. Tired of the pain, tired of the brain fog, tired of having to live my life in a way that I wouldn’t if I didn’t have chronic migraine.

    Anyway. I plod on, I have no choice.

  • Cappucinno author
    2 years ago

    All the pain and suffering and discouragement I go through, it really is something that most of the other people I am reading about are going through the SAME thing.You get used to always talking to non-sufferers and you do get more than frustrated. Our common ground maybe will get some answers for us in the near future.

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