Forging Forward

My migraine regiment consists of Aimovig monthly, 31 botox shots every 90 days, fioricet as needed (which is all the time) a hot pack, a cold pack, vicks vapor rub (yes vicks vapor rub) and propranolol (dual purpose medication) even after all that the occasion trip to the hospital due to a break thru migraine to get a thoradol or morhphine shot is still needed. I've adjusted my diet, increased daily exercise and just short of learning to be a wicca, I am still fighting the fight.

No its not cancer or AIDS or anything of that nature but the pain, struggle and devastation is undeniable. This will be year 32 for me. I go to work most days (need that medical insurance) silently dealing with the lights, smells, noise, vertigo, nausea, pain, tiredness, double vision, tinnitus, and depression (yes depression). I am thankful for my warriors on this site giving me words of encouragement and hope. I don't know what I would do with out you all, because I know I am not struggling alone. Keep posting your stories, keep giving folks like me hope and more importantly keep fighting the fight. #migrainestrong

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