Migraine Frequency Increasing with Age

I am 47 and I have suffered migraines my entire life. As a kid I recall taking asprin every time I had a "headache" kids didn't get migraines back then, only adults. My father is also a migraine sufferer. It was about 20 years ago that I sought medical advice, up until then I thought that I just had to find a way to live with headaches. I was quickly diagnosed with migraine and since then I have tried many different medications. None of the preventative ones worked, so I have been taking Triptans at the first signs. These have been working great, but since the frequency of migraines has increased with age, I am taking triptans almost every day. My neurologist said not to take more that 12 doses per month. That leaves me in quite a dilemma. As I am sure I don't need to tell you, an untreated migraine is a substantial disability.

I have recently been prescribed Aimovig, but in order to get it there is lots or red tape to go through and also I am a bit scared of peoples reports of unpleasant side effects.

My latest thoughts are whether or not try CBD's. I have heard that they can be effective, but again, in order to get them prescribed it also involves much bureaucracy.

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