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Aimovig: Have you tried it? Share your experience here.

  1. made request for 2 free months via headache specialist. waiting for company to get the injection sent out. hopeful

    1. Sending you positive thoughts & much hope too! Good luck! Be sure to check back in & let us know how things progress.

  2. This is truly AMAZING to hear! Wishing you much continued relief! Will you keep us posted? I really hope we continue to hear many, many more of these success stories like yours. Thank you so much for taking a moment to share this with us....we greatly appreciate it! Take good care.

    1. I have been on aimovig since May, first starting with the 70mg
      dose, then in August I tried the 140mg dose. That has been
      unbelievable! My migraines have been considerably re-
      duced! The only problem I have now is getting it approved
      with my insurance(Anthem). I am waiting till I see my
      neurologist on Monday. He had sent a letter, and I am
      anxious to see if he had received a reply.

  3. The stats on this poll are staggering. I would love to see this same poll in about a year or so, hopefully the treatment will be readily available and effective.

    1. The stats are due to insurance refusing to cover the medicine and most ppl being unable to afford the roughly $7,000 yearly cost. Even the patient assistance program from the manufacturer only covers up to $2,700 per year so that doesn't do anyone any good.

  4. The day it came on the market I called my insurance company to find out If it was going to be covered. The person I spoke to had never even heard of it so he went searching for info. 10 minutes later he came back with a sorry, we aren't covering it now, we won't be covering it any time soon and no, sorry, there's no way to get special approval or dispensation for a drug we don't have in our database.
    Ive called back since then. Nothing has changed. I've just become resigned to the fact that even though I'm taking Trokendi, even though I take the maximum of 9 triptan pills a month, even though I go through a full bottle of Excedrin migraine every month in addition to all that I'll just keep having 10 to 20 migraine days every month forever.
    Honestly, having this possible miracle medicine become available and not being able to get it due to cost barriers was the most depressing thing to happen to me since my husband left me for "being too sick all the damn time and spending all his money on doctors and pills". I kind of wish I had never even heard of it.

    1. Me too...3 weeks after the first shot. I wish I researched this before she gave it to me. I am switching neurologists since I feel like I was her guinea pig. Every treatment makes me worse--and Aimovig is horrendous!

    2. Unfortunately, I took one shot (my last shot) in November. 3 weeks after the shot, I felt like I had the flu for 5 days; could barely get my head off the pillow; a few weeks later, I began having night sweats to the point of having to change my tank top twice; headaches where I've never had them before; complete body flushing and hotness from my neck to my head; the heart palpitations seem to be getting worse as the weeks go by. Today, my "resting" heartbeat was 136 and my migraine was unbearable--I literally thought I was having a stroke. You must also know this garbage takes 5 months to get out of your system--I have no choice but to wait it out. I hope your symptoms subside, unfortunately, I feel like mine are getting worse with time.

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