Jenney's story

I was diagnosed with migraines and cluster headaches at age 14, when I woke up screaming and thinking my head exploded. My mother, who also suffers from migraines, asked me pointed questions and because my brother was fighting an illness, searched out a doctor that did numerous tests and came to this diagnosis.

I am now 42, and my migraines are changing, becoming harder to abort with most lasting 4-6 days, my medicine for aborting was recently changed to a higher dose, and even with lifestyle changes I could make, I still get 8-12 a month.

My job does nothing to help with this (I am in customer service) because my boss does not believe these are nothing more but simple headaches so I cannot call in without problems. I have applied for disability, but I am doubtful I will win, at least at first. These headaches impact my life to the point I am not as social as before, but I still plow on and sometimes force myself to join in so I don't disappoint family and friends.

I guess as a long time sufferer that has "heard, seen and done it all" to get a handle on these, my depression as also intensified. I am glad that there is a site such as this to help me remember I am not alone in this.

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