One Day Normal and then a life of Pain

It was a rainy day and I was visiting my friend Ana. I will never forget that day. It was the day that changed my life for ever. Ana had a tech so she could not go out in the rain and she needed some medicine so I told her that I would go for her. No problem, I road the bus all the time, I was a pro at it took my nano and ran for the bus, not knowing I was running for my fate that day! As I was crossing the street a lady came head on and hit me. As I flew up in the air and dropped to the ground all I remember was waking in the ambulance to a prick in my arm and a voice saying you got hit by a car.......

Now today I live with constant pain and what is called post trauma migraines. I suffered a broken tib and fib which left me with a rod and 4 pins and a skull fracture which left me with neuropathy and tingleing on my right side of my face.

The things that trigger my migraines are the weather change, starteling, change in my daily pattern vibration to my face. the things I do to calm my migraines is take Topamax, Gaapentin, Lyrica and Excderin.

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