Getting Botox today...

I have been dealing with these stupid migraines for more than half my life. I have gone from Episodic to Chronic, from just the headache to the severe nausea (CVS). I now also get the ones that cause dizzy spells and double vision..These are now coming more often. I'm getting a couple a day of those.. really scary. I have tried pretty much everything there is to try except Botox.

I go to the Dr this afternoon for that treatment. And for someone who HATES shots my anxiety level is pretty high. I have read good and not so good reviews about this treatment. I guess when you spend more than half your life in bed or suffering through the pain and just want to have a "normal" life again. I don't want to see "that" look on my husbands face when I'm having my 4th migraine in one week.

My daughter said she would come to my appointment for moral support and hold my hand while I get the shots. I'm most worried about the ones to my face..

Wish me luck....

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