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Getting Botox today…

I have been dealing with these stupid migraines for more than half my life. I have gone from Episodic to Chronic, from just the headache to the severe nausea (CVS). I now also get the ones that cause dizzy spells and double vision..These are now coming more often. I’m getting a couple a day of those.. really scary. I have tried pretty much everything there is to try except Botox.

I go to the Dr this afternoon for that treatment. And for someone who HATES shots my anxiety level is pretty high. I have read good and not so good reviews about this treatment. I guess when you spend more than half your life in bed or suffering through the pain and just want to have a “normal” life again. I don’t want to see “that” look on my husbands face when I’m having my 4th migraine in one week.

My daughter said she would come to my appointment for moral support and hold my hand while I get the shots. I’m most worried about the ones to my face..

Wish me luck….

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  • pennyll1560 author
    5 years ago

    Thank you Katie for the info on why Botox works. It sounds confusing on how shots to relax muscles can help something that is going on in your brain.

    I’ve had a couple migraines since having the shots, I’ve heard that it can take 2 or 3 treatments before you really get the full benefit from Botox. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll the exception to the rule and it will start giving me relief after the first series.

  • BellaRobina
    5 years ago

    I wish you luck. I am new to this forum. I hope it helps. I tried botox but I had it done by a cosmetic surgeon and I don’t think he was “certified” to do it for migraines. As a result I had a horrible headache that lasted for 3 weeks. I am interested to see if the dosage prescribed specifically for migraine sufferers work. I thought the headache originated in the brain so I don’t see how the shots help. Anybody know how this works?

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    Botox temporarily blocks the nerves in the scalp that send pain receptors to the brain. The brain itself doesn’t actually feel pain (which is why people can have brain surgery while awake). Any pain you have comes from pain receptors that send the message to the brain that it is under attack. Botox can help release tightened muscles that are sensitive to pain.

    Here’s some more information about how Botox works:


  • pennyll1560 author
    5 years ago

    Thanks Katie for the info.. I started to feel the medication make my forehead and temple are feel a bit strange when I try to move my forehead. Luckily I didn’t really have any wrinkles so I don’t see any difference. Yes the injections we uncomfortable but not intolerable so I am leaving the door open to my next round of shots, the frustrating thing is that my Dr. it leaving the medical group so I get to be a “new patient” all over again before my next round.

    I have had a couple of migraines since the shots not surprised as he did tell me that I might not notice an improvement until after the 2 round, but am thankful that I don’t seem to be having any bad side effects, just a really stiff and sore neck. The injection sites were a bit sore for a day or so.

    Still hopeful that this will be my salvation in at least having fewer and less potent migraines..

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    How did it go?
    I’m sure the doctor explained a lot to you about the process, but I thought I’d share my personal experience.

    You’re not going to get immediate relief. The drug has a life cycle of its own. It can take a couple of days or even weeks before you feel any difference. And before you get your next round of shots, the effects could start to wear off. I would give it at least 3 cycles of shots (about 9 months) to determine if it’s really helping or if you want to stop. Your body has to adjust to the medicine.

    I’ve been using Botox for about 3 years now and find that it is a very important part of my pain management routine. The shots suck, but that part will get better if you are seeing results. For me, the shots in my forehead didn’t really change my facial expressions. Since you get about 31 different shots all over your scalp, you’re not getting a huge amount in one place.

    Please let us know how you’re feeling!

  • Pendragon
    5 years ago

    Hey Penny,

    Little late to wish you luck now, but how’d it go?

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