Getting worse after 29 years

I will be 71 in one week and my migraines have taken a different path. Twelve years ago I started getting 2 moderate per week instead of 1 severe migraine per week. About 3 years I started skipping a week and was I thought "they" are going away, and I may be able to have some kind of normalcy in my life.

What seems to have happened is that the Amerge I take (the only thing that worked) has stopped working completely. It leaves me with 3-6 days sick of misery. I have tried everything else and I am chemical sensitive.

The Cefaly device helped a bit for 3 months and then "they" got worse. So now I am trying to sell the device to someone who has an aura. It works best for those who get them. I do not know what more I can do. Elimination diets and Acupuncture did not help me. I avoid Tyramine, fermented foods. I even cut out yogurt for 1 month. Medication trials will not accept a 71 year old with other problems like Fibromyalgia. I give up!

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