GMO FOODS - Something to seriously consider....

I came home from working in Africa with chronic migraines at 56 yrs. old. I spent over a year trying to figure out WHY this was happening to my body, what was WRONG, and how to CORRECT it. Not being predisposed to taking medication, my search to diagnose the root of the problem - through western medicine and naturopathic channels was EXTENSIVE. Here is what I discovered:
*It wasn't hormone related.
*It wasn't stress related.
*It wasn't health related.
*But clearly something had flipped a switch in my bodies homeostasis, and I realized that regardless of what it was, from that point on my monumental task would be something we are ALL intimately familiar with - identifying and avoiding TRIGGERS. There are of course zillions, right? But still I wondered, WHAT HAS CHANGED TO EXPLAIN WHY MIGRAINE IS NOW AN EPIDEMIC? WHAT SINGLE THING AFFECTS SO MANY? FOR ME, the greatest triggers are FOODS, PRIMARILY THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN GENETICALLY MODIFIED, especially those containing GLUTEN. So I say, just TRY NO GLUTEN. It has made me healthier and stronger in every way!

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