13 years of migraines

I am 23 years old right now almost 24 i have been suffering with migraines for 13 years. When i was 8 years old i start having headaches they started getting worst the pain was unbearable at times. I was just a child who wanted to live life but i had to go hours to days in a dark quite room to get ride of these headaches. I was about 10 years old when they told me it was migraines and told me to just relax i will get over.

My teen hood was horrible i couldn't be a normal teenager i was in pain it effected my schooling i got sick a lot cause of the migraines. Around this time my doctors started me on series of medications some made me really sick some i am allergic to and some made me feel really tripped out.

My family has a lot of people on both sides that suffer from headaches but my moms side they have a lot of brain tumors and migraines. I have gone through years of pain different medications and i have somewhat control of them its very depressing not being able to fully control but i have somewhat of handle of them thanks to having wonder staff of doctors that are able to help me control and through having a supporting family.

I hope my story inspire others to seek the help i did i hope more people can understand and feel better that there is help and other people out there that suffer like they do.

I thought for a long time i was the only one but i have found many people and a lot of support from them.

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