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Happy to have found all of you....

I happened to find this site/forum while researching on my own how to help live with chronic migraines. As I reach each story and topic, I felt less and less alone... Less crazy. My symptoms, pain, tiredness, need for rest and seclusion was not just me being lazy or unable to handle ... life. It IS my migraines. Thank you everyone who have shared... I am better for it.

I had my 1st migraine 15 years ago when I was nursing my daughter. I thought I was having a stroke. After the 1st migraine I began getting them once every few months. After I turned 40 they increased. I have changed my diet because I found eggs & aspartame are triggers. 2 years ago my mother was diagnose with cancer and I started with migraines 2 to 3 times a day with no relieve. When she passed 6 months later, I finally saw a neurologist. I had some relieve. New meds worked for a few months and then had to change them up again. Now I'll have about a week which is far better than every day.

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It's a difficult life to live constantly checking how I feel in this moment. Should I rest, go inside. Will I make it the full day outside? When my eyes open in the morning, I have to get up slowly to make sure I can even move my head without pain.

The most difficult part is not being able to function when I need to. Not being able to get up quickly and run out the door if my husband needs to be at work early. Not being able to wash dishes after I've worked all day and cook supper in a numb state of migraine. I have only the energy to sit on our sofa and pray the migraine does blow into a full blow migraine because not only is that painful, I can not sleep and if I can not get enough sleep, I will definitely wake with a worse migraine. It's a vicious cycle that no one can ever understand unless you live it.

To sum up my life, my youngest child created a Mother's day card for me last year. It read my Mother is a Super Hero. She is Beautiful. She is Funny. She loves to nap..... That made me cry because I don't love to nap... I need to nap.. but my poor child doesn't understand. Doesn't understand that I just went through a full morning and mid afternoon on the weekend in pain so I can attend church or a birthday party or football game.

So as all of you, I continue. I continue to stay prepared, carry medications, see doctors and pray. Pray for a cure.

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