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One day in May, I suddenly had a dizzy spell that lasted about half a second, it seemed to affect my left eye, lasted about a week. Went to the dr, because of it and the headaches, he said he thinks sinus was playing a trick on me. I went back to him, gave me antibiotics, and steroids, the eased up some. So I went back, he took ex ray, and sent me for a ct scan said everything was normal. I went to an opthamlogistics said eyes were good.

Now I went to see an ENT, said sinuses are good, just don’t know what to do now. These are my symptoms. Pain across forehead, side of nose, cheeks , pain in temples, and ears hurt, and my neck bothers me Been having this since May. But there is nothing wrong. Someone has to help me!

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  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi there lojohn,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am so sorry to hear how badly you have been feeling since May. I am sure this must be weighing on your greatly and to not have received any answers despite your efforts in seeking different opinions is discouraging.

    The first step, is clearly what you already know what you are struggling with, is to obtain a proper diagnosis. You can read more about this here – Additionally, in order to help and aid your doctor to a possible diagnosis, it may be helpful for you to begin a journal which this article discusses – Lastly, many of the symptoms you discussed can be linked to migraine. Here is an overview.

    I truly hope some of this information helps you out & please always feel free to reach out for support.
    Take good care,
    Joanna ( Team)

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