Willing to Get My Heart Broken By a New Migraine Treatment

I've just tried Aimovig and it's working well for me so far. Just two migraines in 12 days as compared to a migraine every other day. My good friend, who also suffers from migraines, cautioned me, saying she didn't want to see me disappointed which got me to think how much the search for a new migraine treatment is like the search for true love.

Being optimistic about a preventative working is difficult. I've had good runs with other preventatives. Topamax looked like he could be the one, until he just ended up making me dizzy and I had to leave him. Nadolol seemed promising. At first, he cut my migraines down noticeably, but then he just quit on me. Yoga therapy was fun and flirty, but didn't do much. Vitamins seemed like a great fit, but they did nothing. I always run to sleep because he helps, but he can't shield me from the pain. My latest beau, Candesartan, really seemed like the one. He was there for me. But once summer hit, he flaked and my migraines came back in droves. Each time I thought this was it. I would finally be able to start living again. I would be able to make plans ahead of time. I would be able to go to concerts and picnic and move through life easily again with the fear that a migraine will swoop in and take everything from me. But each one left me brokenhearted.

Now, I'm with Aimovig. He seems promising. He's the first preventative designed specifically for migraine prevention and looks great on paper. So far, he's helped a lot with my migraines and I get to decide - do I put my heart out there and possibly be devastated if it doesn't work. Or, could I be willing, to be willing to believe that this time. This drug. It might be the one.

I choose to be cheerfully optimistic. After all, I've had a lot of practise - I'm single in Los Angeles.

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