I can never remember a time without Migraine.
As a little girl I felt like I lived on the wrong planet. My school friends were planning things, having fun. My memory was awful and school was a nightmare. I hated myself for being weak and letting people down. Instead of looking forward to holidays and birthday parties I feared them, as I knew there was a chance that I would be ill at those times. I became a very stressed little girl. I had the added complication of having a father that hated illness. I would try to hide it as best I could, but usually ended up being extremely sick for a few days.
My migraine has changed since I reached my 50's. Now the pain is less, but I have days or weeks of fuzzy heads and flashing lights. It never leaves me, follows me around in some form or other. It is a plague.
What annoys me most is when someone says 'Oh I've had one of those, it doesn't stop me from working.' grrr.
Hope someone finds a cure one day.

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