Hemiplegic Migraines

I was diagnosed with alternating hemiplegic migraine at the age of 12. I am now 35. It is a migraine which alternates from side to side. Right side being worse than my left, it usually starts with my eyes gettin blotchy, then shortness of breath and then my arm and leg goes numb and my fingers and mouth will draw up just like I am having a stroke. I have been hospitalized twice for loss of memory for about a week each. I have went to to the ER numerous times for sever migraines based on these same symptoms. In the last 4 weeks I have had migraines nonstop. I would love to get some kind of treatment so I don't have to miss so much work. I got married 8 years ago and we recently adopted 2 little boys. Just don't like my boys seeing their daddy sick.

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