Hitting rock bottom

Hello everyone
I have recently been diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine headaches. I have been working as a healthcare professional for 13+ years ,today was the worst day because I had equipment delivered to my house and I just felt like I am not able to cope any more from being an independent woman who enjoys going out driving and taking care of herself .and now I have to rely on others.

I looked at equipment and thought well okay this is it! Are there people who are going through something similar at this moment? I have to stay strong for my kids and I just don't see a light at the end of the tunnel at the moment. I get a migraine each day or at twice a day and and I'm left with left-sided weakness , dizziness I can barely walk or focus. I just need to know how anyone else is coping with this, somebody help me out just to understand what this is and if it will ever go away thank you

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