Hey everyone, so I decided to write and update for you guys whilst I'm semi human. The last two weeks has been a real bad patch for me, as most of you will know from my earlier posts I suffer from Chronic migraines and Cluster Headaches! :( I hoped that my 2nd round of Botox injections would work but im 6 weeks into the second round and no improvement. I spent the last two weeks stuck in bed only leaving to use the bathroom next door. The pain was constant and so was the weakness and many other symptoms, it got to the point that I decided to go to A&E for help, but then a mini miracle happened. I spent the night on the bathroom floor being sick. Come morning, I was better than I had been in almost three weeks.

I've recently heard about the Daith piercing being a real help for Migraine sufferers. Many of my friends and family have sent me links that show stories of massive improvement for sufferers after having the piercing. So I went and had it done today!! Fingers and toes crossed that it helps!:)

Has anyone had the piercing? Or found anything new that helps them?

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