Laurel's 50 Years of Migraines

I have had migraines since I was 12 years old. I am 65 now. Recently they have become chronic.

I get Botox and it works, until it wears off 2 weeks before the allotted every 3-month injections. For the 3rd time now my pre-injection migraines have resulted in several hours of vomiting.

Importance of staying hydrated

One of these episodes was directly before my second Covid vaccine. Being extremely dehydrated, resulted in me passing out, near-death BP, and 24 hours in the ER. I am now warning everyone that being hydrated and checking BP is absolutely necessary before vaccine injections.

Seeing a neurologist and psychiatrist

I also have both a neurologist and a psychiatrist consulting me and treating me. It is helpful to have both because these different perspectives result in better medical treatment. With the multiple symptoms involved with migraine, I receive a better understanding from the differences in brain specialists. What one doctor may miss, the other observes. This may literally save my life.

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