I get migraines too!

It's the sentence that drives me nuts when people say it! They are the people who mean well and are trying to sympathize, I think, when I am having a bad migraine or symptoms pre migraine that are making me withdraw from the conversation or main event I am attending. Lay people who barely have head aches, take aleve or ibrouprophen and it actullay works, and do not have a neurologist on speed dial do not get migraines too! I think I can safely say we all have this pet peeve! I understand we all have different levels of pain thresholds but if you don't have to plan everyday with your migraine survival kit and alternate plan if the big one hits today you really can't understand what real people who suffer daily weekly or even monthly migraine actually go though! We know most of you mean well just don't say that sentence ever! Lol my close family and friends require no explanation now and I tend to surround myself with them. When someone new enters the group I am very open about my unique medical situation. Rather than empathize just treat us like everyone else. If we need something we will ask because as we here all know there are times when moving and thinking hurt and we need help! Hang in there everyone. Take it one day at a time or one hour at a time when necessary!

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